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When CLM took over management of a major water resource on Colorado’s Western Slope, the ditch system was in severe disrepair, wasting millions of gallons to leaks, overflows and blockages. In concert with a long established local contractor, CLM restored the 1906 ditch system, and enhanced the transport of precious water resources, getting the water downhill for habitat, for recreation, and for wetlands restoration





Case Study: Restoration of land and water damage caused by failed development.

Challenge: Previous development efforts to construct a waterfront community in the ‘old-school’ manner of rampant dredging and filling left a environmental disaster on this site adjacent to shellfish waters and a national seashore. Precious transitional and tidal wetlands were dying from stress.

Solution: Through creative engineering and collaborative environmental planning , we were able to restore mechanisms that enhanced the ecosystems that provided transitional, and tidal habitat to flourish and allowed man and nature to coexist in balance.

Outcome: Florida Manatee now are in residence, and the creation of some very valuable real estate provided the economic engine and the funds to restore the habitat. This model of creative, sensitive development proves that both man and nature can thrive in the same neighborhood, and the increased value of these properties show why it makes sense from every viewpoint.



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