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Restoration, Enhancement


When CLM took over management of a major water resource on Colorado’s Western Slope, the ditch system was in severe disrepair, wasting millions of gallons to leaks, overflows and blockages. In concert with a long established local contractor, CLM restored the 1906 ditch system, and enhanced the transport of precious water resources, getting the water downhill for habitat, for recreation, and for wetlands restoration





Case Study: Enhancing Damaged Land


Goal: Create new habitat serving both man and nature:   

Challenge: The surrounding housing development had negatively impacted the ‘native’ open space through careless development. This resulted in the removal of the natural drainage paths. Not only was the beautiful setting destroyed, but homes were endangered by flooding. 

Solution: The recommendation was made to take the allocated lots away, and put more compact density in a less-sensitive setting.

Outcome: By doing this, open lands were left for creation of varied ecosystems which provide habitat for waterfowl and upland birds, plant life and fish. The overall area has been  greatly improved, by providing flood control and recreation.




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